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EECS148/CompSci132: Introduction to Computer Networks, Fall 2013



Instructor: Athina Markopoulou
TA: Blerim Cici, Nannan Li
Lectures: MWF, 2:00 - 2:50pm, DBH 1100
Discussion: Fri, 4pm (A1) at SPA1100, 5pm (A2) and 6pm (A3) at SPA1170.
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Course Description

In this course, we will learn about computer networks, in general, and the Internet in particular. We will present the architecture and design principles. Today's computer networks are organized in “layers”, each with well-defined functionality and interface with other layers. We will discuss protocols used at the application (Ch.2), transport (Ch.3), network (Ch.4), link and MAC (Ch.5) layers. In some cases, we will also describe simple models used to analyze the performance. Time permitting, we may also cover selected topics on multimedia networking, mobile networks and network security (Ch. 6-9).

Deliverables and Grading

What Grade % When
Homeworks (*) 20% ~bi-weekly
Midterm Exam 30% Wed, Oct 30
Final Exam 50% Fri, Dec 13

(*) Homeworks involve calculations and some programming (wireshark labs, socket programming).


  • Late policy: no late homeworks will be accepted. Solutions will be posted online shortly after the deadline. Homeworks not submitted by the deadline will get zero points. However, to accommodate for unforseen circumstances, your homework with the lowest grade (including 0 for a missing one) will be dropped. This means that you can skip one homework without asking permission.
  • Collaboration: you are allowed to discuss with your classmates, but you are supposed to do your homework individually. If you work closely with somebody, please indicate their name on your homework. If we notice that two homeworks are identical, both students will get 0 grade; they will also be subject to the rules of UCI Academic Honesty Policy.
  • Attendance is not mandatory. It is up to you to keep up with the materials.