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 <box demo><​html>​ <box demo><​html>​
 <video width="​320"​ height="​240"​ controls autoplay loop> <video width="​320"​ height="​240"​ controls autoplay loop>
- <​source src="​http://​odysseas.calit2.uci.edu/​research/​milan_movie.ogv" type="​video/​mp4">​+ <​source src="​http://​odysseas.calit2.uci.edu/​research/​milano_movie.ogv" type="​video/​mp4">​
  </​video>​  </​video>​
 <​p>​Video of heatmap activity for 24h in Milan - Nov.1st 2013</​p>​ <​p>​Video of heatmap activity for 24h in Milan - Nov.1st 2013</​p>​