,, modularity and clustering

EECS221/NETSYS270: Advanced Topics in Networking, Spring 2017

Lecture Schedule and Materials

This tentative schedule will be updated throughout the quarter.

Week Date Lecture
Topics & Slides
Reading Materials &
1 Mon 4/3 Syllabus
Networks and their Properties
Barabasi, Ch.2
Survey, Sec I-III
Wed 4/5 Random Networks Barabasi , Ch.3
Survey, Sec IV
2 Mon 4/10 ER networks cont'd
Small World networks
WS paper
Barabasi, Ch.3.8-3.10
Wed 4/12 Scale-free distributions Barabasi book Ch.4
3 Mon 4/17 Scale-free cont'd
Generative Models
AB paper
Barabasi book Ch.5
Wed 4/19 more on heavy tails
and generating topologies
generative models
projects info
4 Mon 4/24 no class
Wed 4/26 5min project presentations Project proposal due
5 Mon 5/1 Node Centrality, Contagion PoW Ch.5
Kleinberg Ch. 19
Wed 5/3 Pagerank PoW Ch.5, NL Ch.3
6 Mon 5/8 PageRank Cont'd
Hubs and Authorities
Overview of Link Analysis
pagerank, google
mining links, authorities
EK book Ch.14
Wed 5/10 Community Detection:
Agglomerative: hier. clustering
Barabasi Ch.9.1-3
(Ravasz), Barabasi Ch.9.3
Quiz 1
7 Mon 5/15 Community Detection:
Divisive: edge betweeness
Girvan-Newman, EK3.6
Wed 5/17 Communities cont'd: modularity Newman, Barabasi 9.4 HW2 posted
8 Mon 5/22 Modularity Cont'd
Recommender Systems I

PoW Ch. 7
Wed 5/24 Recommender Systems II NL Ch. 4 Factorization+Neighborhood handouts
9 Mon 5/29 No class - Memorial Day
Wed 5/31 (De)anonymizing records Netflix dataset
10 Mon 6/5 Graph De-anonymization social networks, percolation graph matching, SecGraph Quiz 2
Wed 6/7 Project Presentations
11 Wed 6/14 noon No Exam Project Report Due

Assigned reading is from papers and from the following textbooks: