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EECS221/NETSYS270: Advanced Topics in Networking, Winter 2016

Lecture Schedule and Materials

This tentative schedule will be updated throughout the quarter.

Week Date Lecture
Topics & Slides
Reading Materials &
1 Mon 1/4 NO CLASS
Wed 1/6 Class Overview
Network Analysis: Metrics
Newman's Survey, Sec. I-III
Barabasi's book Ch.2,7
2 Mon 1/11 Random Networks Barabasi Ch.3
Newman, Sec. IV
Wed 1/13 Random Graphs Cont'd
3 Mon 1/18 No Class - MLK Holiday
Wed 1/20 Small World Networks WS paper, Barabasi Ch. 3.8
4 Mon 1/25 Scale-Free Distributions
and the BA Model
AB paper, Barabasi Ch.4,5
Wed 1/27 Project Proposals 5min Project presentation
5 Mon 2/1 Communities Barabasi Ch.9
Girvan-Newman, EK Ch.3.6
Wed 2/3 Communities Cont'd Newman
6 Mon 2/8 Internet Topology 10 Lessons, BGP background HW in class
Wed 2/10 Internet Topology cont'd
Faloutsos's survey
Nature'2015, supplement
7 Mon 2/15 No Class - President's Day
Wed 2/17 Google and PageRank
(Networks Illustrated Q3)
Pagerank: webpage paper
Web: structure, link analysis
8 Mon 2/22 Graph De-anonymization Narayanan'09, SecGraph'15
Wed 2/24 Mobile+Social Deanonymization Mobile location: Zhang'11
mobile+social: Srivastava'12 (and Ji'16)
9 Mon 2/29 PPI Leaks on Mobile Devices Haystack, PrivacyGuard
Wed 3/2 PII Leaks cont'd Recon
(just fyi: Data Transparency Lab)
10 Mon 3/7 MPTCP, WiFi vs cellular WiFi, LTE or both?
Athina: MPTCP, LTE
Wed 3/9 Project Presentations
11 Fri 3/18 Project Report Due