Projects on Network Coding

General information

Slides from class.

Graduate students to contact about projects: Anh Le (

Graduate student to contact specifically about broadcasting on WiFi or WiFiDirect: Blerim Cici (

List of Potential Projects discussed with students

  • p2p system + random network coding on android phones
  • Gaming on androids using WiFiDirect or Microcast
  • Sensor/GPS data collection
  • Extend WiFiDirect to support broadcast
  • NC for estimation/inference

You may also want to consider:

  • Analysis: e.g. interference alignment or cancellation; or index coding
  • Simulation, instead of android implementation.

Details on Selected projects

Peer-to-Peer System with Random Network Coding
WiFiDirect Info
  • Allows to easily establish mobile-to-mobile connection, or a p2p group.
  • It seems that the official specification of Wifi Direct is only free for members of Wifi Alliance. The public has to buy it. We could check with the library.
NC for Storage Systems

Context: A crowd-based cloud that allows reliable and free storage for mobile users. This software for this cloud consists of two parts: the PC part and phone part. The PC part is a implementation of NC Storage which focuses on Minimum Bandwidth Point (for functional repair). PC part and Mobile part can be developed independently once the API interface is agreed upon.

If one participates, he needs to install PC software and contributes some storage and up time of his PC. In returns, he get access to the cloud where he can store and retrieve files from his mobile devices whenever and wherever he goes.

Important technical aspects:

  1. Upload: how to distribute parts of the files to the participating PCs (sub-packetization)
  2. Download: how to retrieve files from distributed parts on the phone
  3. Repair: how to repair in case users decide to end their service
  4. Security: how to provide privacy of the parts
  5. Maintenance: how to police the committed storage space and up time.

Starting reference points

  1. Dimakis's survey paper: Network Coding for Distributed Storage. And wiki.
  2. OceanStore (similar idea w/o NC):
  3. Wuala (similar idea w/o NC):

For more information on the storage project please contact Anh Le (