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-====== EECS 215: Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Fall 2011 ====== 
-<box rightBio>​ /​********************** Begin right column of the page ******************/​ 
-  * 11/30/2011: **Extra office hours (in preparation for the final):** Monday 12/5: **4-5:​00pm** in EH 4207. 
-  * 11/30/2011: the final will be in class 10:​30-12:​30pm on Tue 12/6. It is open books and notes. Laptops, cellphones off. It will cover all the materials but emphasis will be on the second part of the class. 
-  * 10/20/2011: the midterm will be in class 11-12:20pm on Thu 10/27. It is closed books and will cover Chapters 1-5. You can bring a "​cheat-sheet":​ one piece of paper (letter size), with handwritten notes back and forth. No laptops, phones off. 
-  * 10/19/2011: In preparation for the midterm, next week only: I will hold office hours on **Mon 10/24 1:30-3:00pm and Tue 10/25 1:​30-3:​00pm**,​ __instead of__ the usual Thu 3:​30-5:​30pm. 
-  * 10/5/2011: There will be an optional discussion session (python tutorial and instructions for submitting your hws) on Monday 10/10, 5-6:30pm in PSCB 140. 
-  * 9/19/2011: Website is up.