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 ==== Demo with Pseudo-Broadcast functionality ==== ==== Demo with Pseudo-Broadcast functionality ====
 +In this demo we present the progress of the **Swiss Train Project** up to now.\\
 +  * We show a introduction with the basic concepts
 +  * Then we show a demo with three mobile devices
 +== To remember from the demo ==
 +  * Tree topology of three nodes (A,B,C).
 +  * Node A fetches the content from the server and distributes it to B and C
 +  * Node C does overhearing and captures packets intended to B
 +  * Purple packets represent received encoded packets, while green packets represent decoded packets which can be played. The red color represent missed packets.
 +  * Node C joins the topology later than B in order for the promiscuous mode capability to be more obvious.
 +  * In node C we see two streams. The first is the Stream received form and A, and the second is the overheared packets intended to B. 
 +== Watch video presentation ==
   * [[http://​replay.uci.edu/​public/​summer2011/​June_11_-_Pseudobroadcast_-_iPod_and_iPhone_-_20110816_09.53.44PM.mp4| Demo with Promiscuous mode in Android (Blerim) ]]   * [[http://​replay.uci.edu/​public/​summer2011/​June_11_-_Pseudobroadcast_-_iPod_and_iPhone_-_20110816_09.53.44PM.mp4| Demo with Promiscuous mode in Android (Blerim) ]]