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  • Nov. 12, 2012: We completed the I-CORPS training. Here are some lessons learnt.
  • Oct. 1, 2012: We started our training in the NSF-ICORPS program, Fall 2012 Georgia Tech cohort. Here is some info about our project.
  • June 25, 2012: Microcast was nominated one of the 5 best papers in MobiSys 2012. More information can be found on the project website.
  • June 14, 2012: Anh and Blerim presented Microcast and Microplay in AMASE 2012 and won first place in the general category.
  • NetCod 2012, June 29-30 @MIT.
  • May 2012: Anh and Pegah defended their theses - congrats to the new doctors!
  • May 2012: “NC-Audit: Auditing for Network Coding Storage” has been accepted to the Symposium on Network Coding (NetCod) 2012!
  • May 2012: “MicroPlay: A Networking Framework for Local Multiplayer Games” has been accepted to SIGCOMM Workshop on Mobile Gaming (MobiGames).
  • Apr. 2012: “On the Feasibility of Precoding-Based Network Alignment for Three Unicast Sessions” has been accepted to ISIT2012. We successfully reduced an infinite number of conditions to just four conditions, allowing efficient algorithm to check the feasibility of network alignment.
  • Apr. 2012: Our paper Coarse-Grained Topology Estimation via Graph Sampling was accepted to WOSN '12, a workshop co-located with SIGCOMM '12 in Helsinki, Finland. Visit Geosocialmap to visualize and explore estimated topologies for the strength of ties between colleges and countries in Facebook.
  • Mar. 2012: Our paper on “MicroCast: Cooperative Video Streaming on Smartphones” is accepted to MobiSys 2012 (acceptance rate 17.6%). More information and demos can be found here. Among other great things, MicroCast implements network coding on android phones.

Fall 2011:

  • Dec. 2011: Pegah's paper on "Active topology Inference using Network Coding" is accepted to the Elsevier Physical Communication: Special Issue on Network Coding, 2011.
  • Nov. 2011: Two papers accepted in IEEE INFOCOM 2012: “Proactive Seeding for Information Cascades in Cellular Networks” by Malandrino et al. and “On Detecting Pollution Attacks in Inter-Session Network Coding” by Le et al.

Spring 2011:

Winter 2011:

  • 3/15/2011: Our paper on “Blacklisting Recommendation System: Using Spatio-Temporal Patterns to Predict Future Attacks” is accepted to IEEE JSAC on Network Forensics.
  • 1/27/2011: Our paper on “Walking on a Graph with a Magnifying Glass” is accepted to SIGMETRICS 2011.
  • 1/10/2011: An article on our CDI project at Calit2.

Fall 2010:

Summer 2010:

  • Check out or sample of Facebook users, now publicly available.
  • 4 papers presented in NetCod 2010.

Fall '09:

Summer '09:

Spring '09:

  • Check out the schedule of the Networked Systems Seminar for Spring 2009.
  • The SIGCOMM'09 Travel Grants Program now accepts applications. You can apply online now and until June 5th.
  • Are you the Travel Grants chair for a conference and you need a free tool for managing and reviewing applications? Check out TravelGrantRP developed by Anh Le.
  • Our paper on “Multiple Source Multiple Dest ination Topology Inference using Network Coding”, to appear in NetCod 2009.
  • Our paper on “Network coding-aware rate control and scheduling in wireless networks”, to appear in ICME 2009, Special Session on “Network Coding for M ultimedia Streaming”.

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