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Balint Tillman


I have received my B.Sc. degree in Business Information Technology from Corvinus University of Budapest (2012) and my M.Sc. degree in Software Development and Technology from IT University of Copenhagen (2014). I worked as an intern during my studies at Corvinno Technology Transfer (Budapest) and I served as a teaching assistant for algorithm classes at ITU (Denmark). Currently I am a Ph.D. student in the Networked Systems at UC Irvine working with professor Athina Markopoulou.

For detailed information, please see: Resume


  • Graph theory and algorithms
  • Privacy in networks
  • Machine Learning


  • Construction of Directed 2K Graphs
    B. Tillman, A. Markopoulou, C.T Butts, M. Gjoka
    In Proc. of KDD 2017 and poster presentation, Halifax, Canada, Aug. 2017
  • Construction of Simple Graphs with a Target Joint Degree Matrix and Beyond
    M. Gjoka, B. Tillman, A. Markopoulou
    IEEE INFOCOM 2015, Hong Kong, Apr. 2015
  • Script- and Cluster-based UCT for StarCraft
    N. Justesen, B. Tillman, J. Togelius, S. Risi
    IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence in Games (CIG), Dortmund, Germany, Aug. 2014


  • The Computational Hardness of dK-Series pdf
    W. E Devanny, D. Eppstein, B. Tillman
    NetSci, Seoul, South Korea, June 2016
  • Efficient Construction of 2K+ Graphs
    M. Gjoka, B. Tillman, A. Markopoulou, R. Pagh
    NetSci, Berkeley, CA, June 2014


  • Towards 3K graph construction
    B. Tillman
    Master's Thesis, ITU, June 2014


  • Henry Samueli Fellowship for Networked Systems 2015-2016
  • UCI Networked Systems Fellowship 2014-2015
  • InGRID Visiting Grant, Jan. 2014 at UvA, Netherlands


  • tillmanb AT uci DOT edu