Abinesh Ramakrishnan

I am currently a Researcher at Huawei Innovations. I received my PhD (2015) and MS (2010) degrees in Electrical Engineering at University of California, Irvine, supervised by Prof. Athina Markopoulou and Prof. Syed Jafar and my Bachelor's degree from Madras Institute of Technology in 2008. I have also interned at Futurewei Technologies, Inc. (Huawei US R&D Center) in the Fall of 2013, under the supervision of Dr. Cedric Westphal.

Research Interests

My research interest encompasses information theory, network coding, cooperative communication and networking, interference alignment, index coding and content delivery networks.


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  • System and Method for Caching and Coding in an Information Network, provisional, Jan 2015.
  • Content Placements for Coded Caching of Video Streams, filed April 2016.
  • Video Stream Network Coding in Information Centric Networks, provisional, Dec 2016.


Precoding-Based Techniques for Multiple Unicasts in Wired and Wireless Networks
A. Ramakrishnan
Doctoral Dissertation, 2014, University of California, Irvine.

Network Alignment: Network Coding for Three Unicast Session using Interference Alignment Approaches
A. Ramakrishnan
Master's Thesis, 2010, University of California, Irvine.